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What ManTech Security can do for you

We can install cameras according to your specific needs. Whether it is a single camera or multiple cameras we do them all.

  • Our preferred camera is the HD hikvision cameras, which are the most popular cameras on the market today.
  • Hikvision cameras gives a high picture quality.
  • We also use Hikvision HD DVRs and can get them as a 4 channel, 8 channel, and more if you need it.
  • We can also link your cameras to your phone, so you can monitor your home remotely. You will need an active internet facility to enable this function.

We offer the standard voice only intercom system as well as video intercom systems.

E.T remotes come in different button combinations to match the needs of your specific alarm system.

  • 1 button remotes can be used as a wireless panic button
  • 2 button remotes can be used as an arm/disarm function and wireless panic button
  • 4 button to a 6 button remotes can be used as an arm/disarm function, wireless panic button, stay button, electric garage and electric gate functions
  • Remotes come in 1 button, 2 button, 4 button, and 6 button versions
  • There are 1 and 3 channel receivers to choose from

Beams are a major part of your alarm system.

  • Beams trigger when anyone is on your property, before they come in physical contact with your house.
  • The Beams are linked to your alarm system just like the passives and mags and will send a signals to your armed response as soon as they are triggered.
  • Beams can be wireless (if you have a wireless alarm system)

Batteries are a must have when having an alarm system. They allow your system to keep running in the event of a power outage or load shedding.

  • Armed response radios are connected straight onto alarm batteries
  • Power supplies use batteries if your alarm has a lot of passives and beams connected to the system and it needs extra power

Info to follow

Paradox Alarm Systems

Paradox alarm systems give you flexibility when activating your alarm to suit your needs at any particular time.

  • You can activate the house only, beams only, or both
  • The Paradox system allows you to have up to 32 zones (you will need a 32 zone key pad and expander)
  • Functions include STAY, SLEEP and FULL ARM
  • There is also a straight forward MEMORY, BYPASS and TROUBLE key, making it a user friendly system